Takenobu Gig Poster

Designed a poster for Takenobu’s next show at the EARL. We’re ready to rock (within reason) on December 15th.

Print-ready PDF available here.

Brews Brothers: New Belgium Trippel

Brews Brothers Vol3 New Belgium Trippel
Brews Brothers Volume 3 is brought to you by an ale brewed with coriander from New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collings, CO. As always, the performance is heavily informed by the flavors and alcohol content of the guest beverage.
New Belgium Trippel by bleeharper

Bill Murray Wallpaper

Bill Murray Wallpaper

A friend sent me this GIF of Bill Murray sketches by Derek Eads. I wanted to see all 16 Bill Murrays at the same time, so I made this 1920×1200 wallpaper.

It would’ve been cool if the badger he voiced from Fantastic Mr. Fox was in there, but then I guess Garfield would have to be in there too…

AJ Fosik

Hammer I miss U

I love these crazy wooden sculptures by AJ Fosik. He’s also a prolific weaver of sweaters featuring beer logos. What a skillset!

Also, I made a wallpaper of one of AJ’s wooden sculptures for all you 1920×1200 folks out there.

Keita Makes A Playground

Dog Catapult

Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari Damacy) quit his job as a game designer at Namco and is designing a playground in England. He did a talk at GameCity and was kind enough to share his slides online.

Check out his designs for doughnut slides, dog catapults, and other incredibly fun/dangerous playground elements here.

I Make It Wain


Blee’s Company LP

Blee’s Company’s debut LP is now available to stream and download here.

Alex Silverman and I recorded this album earlier this summer in beautiful Ithaca, NY. Big thanks to Kevin Harper for hosting/engineering/recording/producing/mixing us. Also, thank you Dana Billings and Doug Indrick for bringing our songs to life with your drums and djembe, respectively.

You can keep up with more Blee’s Company news on Facebook and Bandcamp.

I’ll leave you with a song from the album:

<a href="http://bleescompany.bandcamp.com/track/lighthouse-attendant-2">Lighthouse Attendant by Blee&#8217;s Company</a>

Ghibli Feast

This is such a cool idea. AnnaTheRed is recreating meals from Studio Ghibli movies in real life.

Her next feast will be based on the food featured in Spirited Away, cuisine that’s been shown to transform mild-mannered humans into ravenous pigs. Courageous stuff.

Brews Brothers: Left Hand Good Juju

Left Hand Good Juju

The second-ever session of Brews Brothers is brought to you by Left Hand Good Juju, a beer brewed with ginger from Longmont, Colorado. As always, the performance is heavily informed by the flavors and alcohol content of a certain guest beverage. This session features a special guest: McGregor Button on Electric Bass. Enjoy.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Malcolm Sutherland

I’m loving the work of Malcolm Sutherland. His Star Wars Uncut animations are especially awesome. Too bad he’s only allowed to do three.