Brews Brothers: Bay Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon

I bring you a four minute violin improv session inspired by the complex flavors and ample alcohol content of Bay Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon ($2.79 at Kroger!).

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Suggest new Brews Brothers beverage-inspired improvs in the comments!

Bob Moog Meets Taiko Drum Master

I watched the Moog documentary a few weeks ago, and I keep thinking about this one clip where Bob plays Taiko Drum Master in Japan.

It’s rare to see gamers express pure joy like the late great Bob Moog does in the clip above. It’s more common to see faces of detachment, frustration, or maliciousness. Concentration, challenge, and competition are certainly important gameplay experiences, but I’d like to see more games focus on the pleasure derived from interacting with a computer or another player rather than the satisfaction that comes from hoarding achievements, boosting stats, or pwning n00bs.

Maybe that’s a naive point of view that doesn’t allow for deep immersion or maximum cashflow (Nintendo might beg to differ), but I’d rather watch Bob Moog play Taiko Drum Master than this kid play Unreal Tournament (Youtube viewers might beg to differ).

Pile Of Puppies

So I was checking out the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam (as I’m wont to do on Friday nights), and noticed they have ads on there now.

dog cremation

It’s reassuring to hear that they don’t just shovel a whole pile of puppies into the oven, but seriously?! Dog cremation is not something that should cross my mind while watching live puppies roll around.

They also sell classy urns to keep the ashes in. Here’s their most modestly priced one. If $300 is too much, I hear they have some alternative solutions here.

New Band Name

Blee's Company

Here’s some concept art for our band’s new look (mustaches complements of Stachetastic).

Click here if you don’t get the reference.

Click here if you don’t think it’s funny.

My Demo Reel

I just put together a demo reel of my favorite projects from the past few years with some original background music. Thanks for watching!